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I thought I'd take a break from my usual blogging routine to let you know what I've been reading online. I usually check Google Reader two or three times per day to catch up on the blogosphere, and I thought I should share a handful of my favorite blogs. These are not all the blogs I read every day nor are they all of my favorites, but I do recommend you check them out.

Cult Movies
Arbogast on Film
Only a few of us have been able to deduce the identity of one of the internet's wisest movie bloggers (and I'll never tell!). Whoever this Arbogast is, he almost always has a witty take on whatever film or filmmaker interests him this week.

By John Charles
My newest favorite blog just went into action last week. My good friend John Charles, the Assistant Editor of VIDEO WATCHDOG, is back in the online writing game (his dear departed Hong Kong Digital is here), and we're all the better for it.

The Life and Art of Vern
One of the most outstanding and by far the funniest film critic working today.

Mr. Peel's Sardine Liqueur
Once you get past Peel's penchant for paragraphs longer than some short stories, you'll note the passion he has for the pictures he writes about. Don't expect any pattern to his topics. Mr. Peel digs movies of all shapes and sizes.

Reel Distraction
Almost as great as obscure poster art are ad mattes for obscure movies. And they're of more historical value, since they provide a context for the films within their eras and the cities in which they appeared.

Temple of Schlock
All bow to the Chris Poggiali's Temple of Schlock, which manages to unearth films that even I haven't heard of. Many of them appear to be lost forever, but that doesn't stop Chris' tireless effort to keep them alive by posting ad mattes, press kits, and reviews of them.

Video Junkie Strikes Back
William Wilson and Thomas Simmons review some of the junkiest movies imaginable here. Look forward to their theme weeks, where they skewer Indiana Jones ripoffs, Conan ripoffs, and a long-running series of movies that were announced but never actually made.

Wrong Side of the Art
Just like the title implies, this blog is a collection of amazing poster art for cult movies from all over the world. Some of the art is NSFW, so beware.

A Thriller A Day
We Are Controlling Transmission
Two guys watch every episode of THRILLER and THE OUTER LIMITS and review them. I don't know why, because they appear to loathe both series, but their views are interesting to compare or contrast with your own.

By Ken Levine
A Writer's Life
Television writers Ken Levine (FRASIER) and Lee Goldberg (DIAGNOSIS: MURDER) tell tales of their days in writer's rooms, as well as stories of broadcasting major league baseball (Levine) and writing popular tie-in novels (Goldberg).

The Classic TV History Blog
Stephen Bowie's comprehensive history of old shows and the people who made them is by far the best I've found on the Internet. He's managed to interview and pull amazing stories out of journeyman writers and stars that merit a whole book. And here he is, giving them to us for free online.

TV Guidance
Canadian critic Jaime Weinman's blog on current and classic TV. I tease him on Twitter about his obsession with sitcom laugh tracks. Good guy, smart writer.

What's Alan Watching
I have to say that I disagree with Alan Sepinwall more than I agree with him, but I can't deny he's a good (if sometimes snooty) writer whom I've been following since his old NYPD BLUE blog of the 1990s.

Glorious Trash
If you love trashy men's adventure paperbacks as much as I do, you owe it to yourself to read Joe Kenney's reviews of the adventures of Mack Bolan, the Penetrator, TNT, the Baroness, and other rowdy pulp novels of the 1970s and 1980s.

Vintage Hardboiled Reads
I've discovered a lot of cool adventure novels from this blog.

The World of Ace Doubles
Another new blog that covers those awesome Ace double-feature science fiction flip paperbacks of the 1950s and 1960s. I have a stack of Aces that I may even get around to reading one day.

Video Games
Old Game Reviewer
Video games are not among my top interests, but I'd be remiss not to mention my brother's new blog. Formerly with Thumb Culture, he's broken out on his own.

Comic Books
Comically Vintage
A Tumbler feed of hilarious random comic book panels.

Diversions of the Groovy Kind
Nobody loves comics from the 1970s more than Ol' Groove.

Jim Shooter
I'm not the biggest fan of Shooter the man, judging from the bile that's been slung about him for decades (I mean, they can't all be wrong), but I'm an admirer of his blog. He shares candid stories of his days as Editor-in-Chief at Marvel, including tales of corruption and theft among bigwigs and freelancers alike. I especially admired his series of posts where he broke down an old Jack Kirby Human Torch story and explained why it worked. Shooter toots his own horn a bit loudly for my tastes, but I guess people have been piling on him heavily for a long time.

Marvel Genesis
Takes a detailed look at every Marvel superhero comic of the Silver Age, beginning with FANTASTIC FOUR #1. 'Nuff said.

Our Valued Customers
A series of one-panel cartoons re-creating hilarious moments of stupid comic-book-store customers. It's hard to believe they're all true.

Scott's Classic Comics Corner
A nostalgic look at cool comic books of the Silver and Bronze Ages.

Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!!
Hates new comics, loves old comics. Often very amusing, in particular its recent breakdowns of Timely and Quality books from 1941.

I'm sure I left a few favorites out, and I apologize to all the bloggers I read who didn't get into Blogpourri this time around.


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