Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Second Neatest Thing I've Seen Today

Good news for GET SMART fans...and I'm surprised no DVD company has thought of this already. Time-Life is releasing this great sitcom in November, but instead of doling it out in season sets and then later putting out the complete series, all five seasons of GET SMART will be released together in one big box set. See the details here.

What I like about this is that it eliminates two big pet peeves concerning TV releases on DVD. #1 is that studios often release the first season, and if sales aren't what they expect, we never get the rest of the series (poor BARNEY MILLER). The other is when studios release shows one season at a time, and after the fans have bought the whole run, they release the show again in one set at a lower price and with additional extras. Anchor Bay is screwing GREATEST AMERICAN HERO fans by releasing all the episodes in a single set with including collectible items like replicas of the hero's cape and instruction book (with working lights...whooo hooooo!). Those of us who bought the series one season at a time are completely hosed. Thanks, Anchor Bay, you dickheads.

Not directly related to GET SMART, but here's an Aurora toy commercial starring Don "Maxwell Smart" Adams. You SEINFELD fans may get a kick out of seeing actor Len Lesser aka "Uncle Leo."

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