Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tigers 8, Yankees 3

I wonder who's more pissed off right now--George Steinbrenner or the president of Fox Sports?

It's a good thing Tim McCarver didn't broadcast the game, or else he probably would have broken down in tears.

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Hal said...

I'll admit, I expected a Twins-Yankees ALCS. The A's have struggled on offense most of the year, and the Tigers came into this with little momentum, and their key pitcher, Kenny Rogers, never had been a big game pitcher before (I know, watched him in Texas for years).

Rogers' Game 3 performance was the key IMO. It was, outside of his no-hitter here, the game of his life.

Not sure what to expect but I figure the winner of Tigers-A's wins the World Series. To think that Leyland may win another Series in his first year back after a 7 year layoff---man.