Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here's Boomer

Why was NBC the lowest-rated TV network in 1980? Check out this 30-second promo:

HERE'S BOOMER was a ripoff of BENJI, about a little dog who roamed around getting involved with people's problems. PINK LADY AND JEFF I wrote about on my old blog, a shortlived variety series starring unfunny standup comic Jeff Altman and two cute young Japanese women who didn't speak a word of English. And I think you already know how much THE FACTS OF LIFE sucked, although you may have been surprised to see Molly Ringwald in that clip. Before becoming a member of John Hughes' repertory company, she was a regular on the first season only of THE FACTS OF LIFE.

And, yes, that's Casey Kasem performing the voiceover.

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