Monday, February 12, 2007

Bullshit Or Not

If you're a fan of PENN & TELLER'S BULLSHIT, you might be interested in seeing from where they ripped off the idea.


Anonymous said...

That was awesome. I want to see the "WMD evidence" episode of 'Bullshit or Not'.

I happen to be a huge fan of P&T Bullshit, by the way. "And then there's this asshole..."

Hal said...

Great stuff today! Good old AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON. Even when it came out I loved seeing Henry Silva do something so different for him. You probably guessed the other day from the LOOSE SHOES clip that I love these sketch films. Well, except for OUTTAKES. I still think KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE sets the standard.

I collected about 20 episodes of BURKE'S LAW and another few AMOS BURKE, SECRET AGENTs from the Nostalgia Channel when it was airing around 5 AM back to back with DICK POWELL THEATRE in 1989-1990. Actually, the BURKE'S LAW pilot originally aired on DICK POWELL THEATRE, sans Barry.

While BURKE'S LAW is great TV, the MURDER SHE WROTE of its day, only a lot more fun, AMOS BURKE is...well, not good. But it is a camp classic of sorts. Particularly an unintentionally riotous episode titled, "Terror in a Tiny Town". I can't even describe it and do it justice.