Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Google Searches

What cracks me up is that somebody keeps Googling "elizabeth hasselbeck's hairstyles." It's one thing to Google it once, but why don't you fucking bookmark whatever site you're looking for? I get hits for "elizabeth hasselbeck's hairstyles", like, five times a week, and you know that it's the same person/stalker.

I also get a lot of searches for "mariska hagerty", and I know that guy has to be pissed that he can't find any information online about his favorite LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT star.

johnny firecloud clips
This movie is badass. I don't have any clips though.

john mahoney hairpiece

desert movies from the 1970's

horror movie about photographer who kidnaps models
This could be one of about a dozen movies. THE ART OF DYING? DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE (he doesn't really kidnap any though).

zombie, tv, movie lindsay wagner,-rob
I don't know who Rob is, and I don't think Lindsay ever made a zombie movie, but I'd watch it if she did.

movie reveal identity town stranger love suspicious black & white
Don't know what's going on here.

watch bye bye balloon f troop
"It is...balloooooooon!"

horror movie 1981 fuck you rated r
Right back at you, motherfucker. Actually, I think STUDENT BODIES is what he's looking for.

marty mckee
This was not my search, I swear.

horror sci fi movie blonde wig sword 3 headed monster red hair
Uhhhhhh...RED SONYA? I don't know.

lampoon pubescence
Best. Cover. Ever.

i respect mccain
I don't.

joseph cotten well hung
I'll take your word for it.

emailed the actor ed begley jr
Good for you, sir.

smaller than i expected penis
Um, I don't know this search would bring up my blog. Really.

heather thomas at the battle of the network stars
Damn, I love dunk tanks.

todd woodman
Yes! One of the world's greatest living humans.

70's tv detectives white hair
Barnaby Jones! Banacek! Griff! Jim Phelps! Where the hell is Dick Clark, I'm playing PYRAMID again.

kevin sorbo is getting too old for the leading man action star role
I wouldn't say that to Kevin's face if I were you.

raw justice (1994) trailer
I'd like to see this too.

nicolas cage mecca fu manchu

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