Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bruce Is God

A genius like this, and you're telling me the only role Sam Raimi can find for him in SPIDER-MAN 3 is a French waiter? Two sitcom second-stringers get the juicy villain roles, and Bruce gets a cameo? Fuck you, Sam Raimi.


Anonymous said...

err, isn't one of those second-stringers coming off of an Oscar (tm) nomination? I've always liked Bruce as a personality, but I haven't always been convinced when he's actually tried to act -- not that he couldn't have pulled off the likes of SPIDERMAN 3...but if you're going to use an Old Spice commercial to support ol' bruce, you can't dismiss Church's Oscar (tm) nom!

Anonymous said...

Jim stole my thunder. If anything, Raimi should be catigated for marginalizing THC's role. His performance was the only interesting one in the whole film.

Anonymous said...

BTW, catigation is the more severe form of castigation. Why do I only catch that crap AFTER I post.