Sunday, June 08, 2008

Who Wants An Instant Paperback Collection?

I'm going to be moving soon, so I've been packing up all my books. I've set aside one box of books that are either doubles in my collection or to be discarded. I'd rather not throw them away, and I'm certain my local library doesn't want them. If you do, just email me. I'm willing to give them away free, if you don't mind paying shipping, which will be about $20 Media Mail. There's probably about 100 books in there: Sharpshooter, Death Merchant, Penetrator, Butcher, Tobin's War and many others. First come, first serve, so whoever e-mails me first and says he/she wants them, you get them. We'll trade addresses, PayPal info, etc. offline.

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Andrew Byers said...

Just sent you an email to the account listed on your profile page.