Sunday, March 15, 2009

So Long, CopDoc

Several years ago, some friends and I considered an idea for a television series about a hero who was a doctor that solved crimes, figuring that it would please fans of both cop shows and medical shows. We also thought Ron Silver should be the guy to star in it, because he frankly was so badass.

Silver died today of cancer. He was just 62 years old. And with him goes COPDOC, as no one else in Hollywood is badass enough for it.


Matt Farkas said...

Wasn't that show already called DIAGNOSIS: MURDER?

And QUINCY before that?

kool mo p said...

CopDoc: Nurse, this man has been shot twice with a snub-nose .38. I need to operate on him immediately.

Nurse: Howe do you know what gun was used?

CopDoc: Because I'm the one who shot him.

Arbogast said...

And don't forget the great Canadian series "Dr. Simon Locke," which was imported to the states as "Police Surgeon."

CopDoc is a great title, though. It coprocks.

Brewer Bertram said...

One of Silver's most underrated performances of his b movie career was that of serial killer John Kirby's psychiatrist in "Silent Rage" Hearing him and Steven Keats say things like "Look at that cell structure!!!" was priceless. Aside all that he was a hell of an actor, it is a big loss.