Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mystery Of The Playboy's Mistress

Casey Kasem voices this 1981 promo for NBC's Friday night lineup. HARPER VALLEY was a spinoff of the shockingly popular HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. feature film, which was, obviously, based on Jeannie C. Riley's hit country song of 1968. Barbara Eden looks incredibly beautiful in it. George Gobel, not so much.

Then, it's THE BRADY GIRLS GET MARRIED. And Lee Horsley (MATT HOUSTON) and William Conrad (CANNON) in NERO WOLFE, which I liked.

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Hal said...

I liked NERO WOLFE quite a bit better than JAKE AND THE FATMAN myself. I guess just about everything NBC did pre 1981-82 was destined to fail if it didn't have Gary Coleman. :)

I'd probably think HARPER VALLEY is awful now, but I remember watching it back in the day. Mills Watson became a regular in season two after LOBO bit the dust, and Larry Storch guest-starred, bringing the list of shows he's guest starred on to about 834. Barbara did look really good for what, her late 40's?