Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Who’s The Sexiest Girl In The World?

Who's the Sexiest Girl in the World?
February 19, 1980
Music: Jimmie Haskell
Writer: Glen A. Larson
Director: Daniel Haller

We learn that Deputy Perkins (Mills Watson) is a Cincinnati Reds fan in this MISADVENTURES OF SHERIFF LOBO episode written by the show's creator, Glen A. Larson. Playboy Playmate Candy Loving (January 1979) plays herself in this mistaken identity farce. The governor's aide (David Ruprecht) entrusts Deputy Birdie (Brian Kerwin) with the news that the chief executive's ladyfriend (Loving) is hiding out in Orly from someone sending her threatening letters. Meanwhile, physician Walter Taylor (William Daniels) and his lover Miss Smith (Lynne Marta) are also staying at the local hotel after murdering her husband. Naturally, the two deputies and Sheriff Lobo (Claude Akins) mistake Miss Smith for Candy Loving, leading to pratfalls and Perkins in drag.

Loving was just about wrapping up her fifteen minutes of fame when this episode aired. Not just a Playmate, she had been selected as Playboy's special 25th Anniversary Playmate, beating out Dorothy Stratten, among others. As an actress, well, she's fine, I suppose. She's pretty and sweet, and the male audience probably enjoyed her aerobics scene. The comic bad guys on her tail are right out of the cartoons, sneaking into "her" room (actually occupied by Perkins—mustache and all—in disguise) to wrap a sack over her. Cydney Crampton as Perkins' jealous wife has a meaty part, as she tries to keep her husband away from the sexy guest.

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Hal said...

Marty, glad to see the good sheriff back at the Crane Shot! One of the big losses in the second season shift to the big city was that of Mrs. Perkins, who definitely wore the pants in the family. She also had a choice part in the "Disco Fever" episode.