Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More On Robert Culp

Anyone interested in the life and career of the late Robert Culp, the I SPY star who passed away last month, should probably read Stephen Bowie's fine appreciation of the actor on his Classic TV History blog.

Meanwhile, if you're into junky movies, pay a visit to a new blog by Don Guarisco, Schlockmania, which covers spaghetti westerns, Roger Corman movies, and reviews of old FANGORIA issues, among other offerings.

Finally, you know I've been covering the tough, gritty, strange world of men's adventure novels here at Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot, but nothing on the "men's sweat" magazines that lined drug store and newsstand shelves during the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. I hope to review some eventually, but until then, pay some attention to the Men's Adventure Magazine blog.


Anonymous said...

i just occurred to me that robert culp is like a jack bauer prototype. they even look alike.

Anonymous said...

is your blog named after johnny la rue's classic rant about never being able to get budget for a crane shot? brilliant! i miss john candy.

"Hej älskling, jag har en tolv tums penes!!" (from Splash)

do you remember johnny's parents names? they were on the show once.. well, when they said their names, I about fell off the sofa. exactly the same as MY parents names!