Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Random TV Title: Time Express

THE LOVE BOAT and FANTASY ISLAND were both enormous Saturday-night hits for ABC, so, thought CBS, why not one series that rips off both of them?

TIME EXPRESS was set aboard a train, instead of a cruise ship, with a cast of characters eerily reminiscent of the LOVE BOAT regulars. Instead of bringing passengers' fantasies to life, the Time Express carried its passengers back in time to let them relive or redo a memorable moment from their past.

Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts from MANNIX and CHARLIE'S ANGELS, TIME EXPRESS is most notable for casting the great horror star Vincent Price as its Mr. Rourke. Only four episodes aired on CBS in 1979, probably because viewers recognized the show as the ripoff it was.

Here's the opening from the May 10, 1979 episode. Guest stars include Robert Hooks (TROUBLE MAN), John Beck (FLAMINGO ROAD), Marcia Strassman (WELCOME BACK, KOTTER), Vic Tayback (ALICE), and Richard Erdman, who's still working at age 86 as a semi-regular cast member on the NBC sitcom COMMUNITY. The theme may be by Richard Hazard, but I'm just guessing.


michael said...

Holy Supertrain, I had forgotten all about this one. The 70s it seems was an endless source of series lasting only a few episodes.

Mike said...

That looks like Kim Richards at 0.18.

Tom Mason said...

That would be Kim Richards' sister, Kyle.