Sunday, August 20, 2006


You probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that this is reportedly the best-selling issue of NATIONAL LAMPOON ever. I have no idea who the model is, but she helped LAMPOON sell more than 1 million copies of the October 1974 issue. That would mean it outsold the infamous "We'll Kill This Dog" cover, which would be quite an accomplishment.

No telling how much it would cost to own today, but I'd like to read it. It has Doug Kenney's famous "Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Heiress" parody, as well as a 4-page "VD Comics" drawn by the great Neal Adams. Other contributors include P.J. O'Rourke, Chris Miller, Ralph Reese, Henry Beard and Gahan Wilson.

I didn't read much LAMPOON back in the day; I was just too young, although I did tear through many a MAD in my day. I remember seeing them around at the homes of friends who had older brothers, and thinking they were "dirty." Hey, what did I know. I have been able to see several LAMPOONs over the years, and during the pre-ANIMAL HOUSE years, there was some great stuff in them. I haven't read nearly as much as I would like. Maybe that's something I can shop for at next year's Wizard World show.

February 2003's issue of COMIC BOOK ARTIST was completely dedicated to NATIONAL LAMPOON. It's a terrific read, chock full of interviews with nearly every living being significant to the magazine's early success, and I recommend it to anyone curious about one of America's greatest humor mags.

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