Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I just listened to Chris Matthews ramble on about what a great guy ("a regular guy") and down-to-Earth fella Dennis Hastert is. Um, yeah, a crook who used his position to run a highway past his Illinois property that puts a million bucks in his pocket, yet is so out of touch/dishonest that he claimed families earning $40,000 per year pay zero taxes. His re-election just confirms Tolemite's mantra that the people of Shitty DeKalb are idiots.

Good to see bastards like Rick Santorum, Curt Weldon, Don Sherwood, Katherine Harris and Mike DeWine lose their jobs. They are not just incompetent at their jobs, but also awful human beings. It looks like fellow scumbags Conrad Burns and George "Macaca" Allen may lose their jobs too, but it's still too early to tell. Even if Allen wins, it will be at such a tight margin that his White House dreams are shattered. We already got rid of Mark Foley, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney...decrepit people all.

I should say that I'm sure not all Republicans in Washington are inept, greedy and corrupt. I don't think John McCain is, although he is spineless. In fact, he told Matthews tonight that he first realized his party was becoming corrupt "7 or 8 years ago." Well, what the hell has he been doing all that time to rectify the situation? I think Lincoln Chafee and Jack Kingston are honest and genuinely good people. Um. And I'm sure there must be a couple more.

The strangest thing I learned tonight is that former Washington Redskins quarterback Heath Shuler is now a U.S. Representative from North Carolina!


Anonymous said...

I assume tomorrow you will list the corrupt and inept Democrats or you only see one side?

Marty McKee said...

If there were any. Well, there is William Jefferson, who left $50,000 in cash hiding in his freezer. That guy is a crook. But, of course, the Democrats, being the moral party, immediately stripped Jefferson of his committee assignment when they learned of his indictment. Which is the polar opposite of the Republicans, who actually attempted to change the law (!) so they could keep Tom DeLay in power after his indictment.

If there are any others in Washington, I'd like to hear about them. Except Hillary Clinton, whom we all know murdered Vince Foster...

Anonymous said...

I hope you were typing this with one hand and had your other risen for sarcasm!!!!!!!!!


Don't let the name fool you but combining your 'moral party' info with a little far right, you might come across some truth.

Marty McKee said...

Uh, wow, John Kerry's actress daughter hired a publicist! Holy crap, how can we as citizens stand by while rampant lawlessness occurs in Washington? And the info comes straight from the Murdoch-owned New York Post's gossip page...so it must be true!

And somebody who knows Chuck Schumer stole a Republican's credit report! Not Schumer himself, but someone who knows him.

This Web site is the most laughable thing I've seen all day. If this is all the "evidence" that you can find, you should just give up now before someone hurts himself laughing.

I will give you Blago, who is dirty for sure, but I was concentrating only on corruption at the national level. I wouldn't be surprised if Blagojevich doesn't even serve the entire term he just won.

Anonymous said...

I had a huge response for you, but none of it was nice. Instead, I encourage you to stop watching crappy movies, reading comics and bitching, become active to change this 'evil' world in which we exist. It should be easy, since Democrats are the moral party and in control. Don't let the Democrats give us any lip-service, they have all the power in the world, now is the time to do something. No excuses or blaming others! I hope they prove me (and hsitory) wrong.

Anonymous said...


Marty McKee said...

So now Murtha, a guy who did not take a bribe and was never even charged with a crime, is your poster boy for Democratic corruption? Oh, boy, the party must be cleaner than I thought. Meanwhile, you don't appear to have a problem with a virulent racist being Minority Leader. Who would you rather have in command--a guy who did not take a bribe or a guy who believes the U.S. would be a better country if a segregationist had been elected President?

To give you some due, Murtha is not the cleanest guy in the House, but he ranks pretty far down on the list of Congress' most ethically challenged members. He at least missed the list of the Top 20 most corrupt Congressmen, earning only an Honorable Mention. But, really, if you're holding Murtha up as the worst crook in the Democratic party, then you're actually kinda proving my point, not yours.

Anonymous said...

Did you miss the part about the Democratic Watchdog group not liking him. Did you miss the new inscription that Congress is going to put on our money 'Pay to Play' was used? If he is an honorable mention for your top twenty, why put him in a leadership role? Is he the best person in the Democratic party? Of course, the Democrats didn't like him either. Of course, this article was probably written by an evil Murdoch media outlet. Because slanting news only happens by right wing news organizations, there aren't any left wing operations in existence.

Funny thing happened this month, Kerry made a stupid joke and everyone said to ignore it because he obiviously mis-spoke (A joke that he helped us into by voting for it). Lott says something stupid and you call him a racist. Funny! Of course, Lott is from the South, white and republican, he has to be a racist.

All this BS about change can be summed up best by Mr. Murtha,'I'm not interested... at this point'