Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Suppose, Danno, Just Suppose

Season 2 of HAWAII FIVE-0, the greatest cop show of all time, hit DVD last week. The New York Times ran a commendable piece on the series that proves the author "gets" it.

Whether saving a drowning boy, defusing a bomb with nail clippers or offering himself as a prison hostage, he’s a model of steadfast decency. He’s white but not white bread, at ease in the ethnic stir-fry of Honolulu. And there’s no emergency his bare-bones agency — four men, a secretary and a car — can’t resolve in just under an hour.

And when he gets his man — Book ’im, Danno! — you can hear America exhaling. Their sons and their daughters were beyond their command, Vietnam was a mess, but at least Hawaii had McGarrett.

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Kenny said...

I always loved that show! Watched it every week, back when it was on. Matter of fact, I even put a tape recorder and microphone near the television and recorded the very last episode! I see where Season 4 has just been released, so be sure to get your copy soon. I already ordered mine!