Monday, March 03, 2008

The Name Is Mannix

MANNIX is finally coming to DVD.

I don't know what took CBS/Paramount so long to realize there's an audience for this show, but let's be thankful they finally did. What's really exciting about MANNIX: THE FIRST SEASON is that CBS/Paramount is assembling some cool extras for the set:

  • Commentary Tracks
    • "The Name Is Mannix" by Creator William Link
    • "Another Final Exit" by Mike Connors and Joseph Campanella
  • Audio Intros by Mike Connors on each Episode and on all Special Features
  • On-Camera Reunion with Mike Connors and Joseph Campanella
  • Mike Connors on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW
  • Clip from DIAGNOSIS: MURDER with Mike Connors playing "Mannix"

Considering the studio has included bupkis in the way of extras for the three MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE season sets it has released to date—and that series is way more visible today than is MANNIX—this is quite a surprise. And a very pleasant one.


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Hal said...

I'm glad to see MANNIX finally getting its due. I can't understand why it took so long to get to a series that popular and long-lasting. Now if we can just get some action on CANNON.....