Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mike Gable Is A Tough Cop

It's hard to believe this film even exists, let alone received an American theatrical release, but I'm one of the few who can testify that it does and it did. I'm pretty sure the year was 1990, and Todd Woodman and I saw it at the AMC University Place 8 multiplex in Carbondale, Illinois. We may have been the only people in the theater; in fact, I'd be shocked if we weren't.

I sometimes feel as though I should watch it again, since I don't remember anything about it, although I'm certain it would be an experience like LOOSE CANNONS, where I would think, "Yep, it still sucks." Basically, KEATON'S COP is Lee Majors (THE FALL GUY) as a badass cop (aren't they all?) who teams up with Abe Vigoda (BARNEY MILLER's Fish) as an elderly mobster to find the killer of Majors' partner, an old cop played by Don Rickles! It and NIGHT GAME (with Roy Scheider) are the only films I've ever seen that were filmed in beautiful Galveston, Texas! And Cannon released it theatrically! I'm certain it didn't make a dime for Cannon, but Woodman and I will always have KEATON'S COP.

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