Monday, May 19, 2008

Death In The Spot

Kinky sex raises its head for the first time in the Executioner series, as Mack Bolan takes his firearms and fighting skills to Merry Olde England. After an adventure in France (presumably in #5, CONTINENTAL CONTRACT), Bolan stops off in England for a breather in ASSAULT ON SOHO, but is waylaid at the airport by mobsters out to collect the $250,000 bounty on his head. He's rescued by a young woman in a speedy car who somehow knows all about him and that he would be arriving that night.

She takes him back to the Museum de Sade, which appears to be a private club that caters to its members' most extreme sexual kinks and tortures. Disgustedly, Bolan leaves, only to plunge into his second firefight of the night. The Mafia that the Executioner had been pissing off from L.A. to Phoenix to Miami to Paris is now closing in on London with a gunsel named Nick Trigger leading the posse.

As usual, author Don Pendleton gives a healthy dose of sex, violence and sadism with a slight murder mystery thrown in as well, as Bolan looks to discover the killer of an old man tortured to death in one of the museum's more, uh, colorful devices.

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