Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Quite Hollywood

I can't wait to see NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD, which is a new documentary about exploitation movies from Australia. The definitely NSFW trailer is here, and has me seriously jonesing to see some of this crap. Many of the films included here I have already seen, such as the amazing THE MAN FROM HONG KONG (where George Lazenby is set on fire) and the trashy TURKEY SHOOT (known in the U.S. as ESCAPE 2000 and contains one of cinema's greatest exploding bodies). I think there might be some STUNT ROCK in there too (I just noticed that Brian Trenchard-Smith directed all three films I just mentioned). As a genre, "Ozploitation" is seriously underrepresented on DVD in the United States, although ROAD GAMES and the Mad Max movies are easily available (and are also on display in NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD). Judging from what I've seen and what I've gleaned from the clips in this trailer, we definitely need more.

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