Sunday, October 03, 2010

Random TV Title: Black Sheep Squadron

This is a rerun of a 2009 post in tribute to the late Stephen J. Cannell.

I'll take you back to World War II for BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON, which was originally entitled BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP. Robert Conrad (THE WILD WILD WEST) starred as real-life war hero Pappy Boyington, who led his ragtag squad of misfit bomber pilots into one mission after another, just so long as the ratings held up. Great supporting cast, and most of them went on to star in other shows.


Mike said...

loved this show when I was a kid but can't remember many specifics and haven't seen it in years. Maybe you have a copy?

hobbyfan said...

Mike: If you have Retro on your digital cable, you might be able to see it on weekends.

I remember when NBC made this show jump the shark by focusing more on the nurses added to the series in order to counter "Charlie's Angels", for example. Even then, they let idiots work at the networks.