Thursday, October 01, 2009

Random TV Title: The Fall Guy

With all of the remakes going on in Hollywood these days, I truly cannot believe nobody is considering doing a new version of THE FALL GUY. Not only was a hit during the 1980s and well remembered today by those viewers who helped make it one, but it also has a fantastic premise.

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN's Lee Majors, returning to television after a couple of disastrous post-bionic years trying to make it in the movies, is Colt Seavers (!), a Hollywood stuntman who makes extra dough as a bounty hunter. The beauty is that the show didn't have to come up with a story reason to stage a stunt. The guy is a stuntman! Want to crash a car? Just another day at the office.

Doug Barr co-starred as Colt's somewhat doltish cousin, Howie, who helped Colt track down his bounty of the week, but undoubtedly more popular was curvy blonde Heather Thomas, for reasons that will be apparent when you watch THE FALL GUY's opening titles.

And, yes, that is Lee Majors performing the theme.

Can you identify the various film clips used in the titles? THE HUNTER, DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY, and THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE are some of them.

THE FALL GUY is goofy fun, and I own the first season on DVD. I'd also own the second season, if Fox would ever release the damn thing.


Cathy said...

It was produced for ABC and originally broadcast from 1981 to 1986 and the show's theme song, The Unknown Stuntman.
I will definitely buy the dvd collection TV series for my brother.
I wonder if I can get a discount at an online dvd shop

Anonymous said...

Weird---I was just thinking about this show today---I always loved the theme song--didn't know Lee Majors sang it,though! I recall it being a fun show---now sure why it's never been shown in reruns, to my knowledge.

Graham said...

It was one of my favourites when growing up. As for the title sequence I know one bit came from the film "Silver Streak", I'd have to run down a copy of the series to see if I can remember the rest though.