Friday, December 04, 2009

Ralph's Trek Is A Treat

Fans of classic television may get a big kick out of Ralph's Trek, which is a blog written by veteran director Ralph Senensky.

If you watched TV at all during the 1960s or 1970s, you had to have seen Senensky's credit on any of several dramatic shows, including STAR TREK, LOU GRANT, THE WALTONS, I SPY, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, THE FUGITIVE, THE F.B.I., and many more. Although he's now 86 years old, Senensky appears to possess a remarkable memory, and each of his blog posts centers around a particular TV episode he helmed and his thoughts on the process, the cast and crew, etc. And since he worked during an era in which programs were more diverse and often more interesting, Senensky has a well-rounded resume to pull from. He made westerns, cop shows, spy adventures, space opera, fantasy, medical dramas, even the occasional sitcom--today's directors mostly do either comedy or drama, but hardly ever both.

Ralph's Trek is great stuff for anyone interested in the history of television and the nuts and bolts of its creation.

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Ralph Senensky said...

Thank you, Johnny LaRue for those kind words.

Ralph Senensky

Next posting this weekend: An episode of the old Kraft Suspense Theatre