Friday, February 19, 2010

The Girls On The Hollywood High

The Girls on the Hollywood High
February 23, 1980
Music: Stu Phillips
Story: Ron Friedman & Glen A. Larson
Teleplay: Glen A. Larson
Director: Bruce Bilson

Creator Larson tries once again to use BJ AND THE BEAR to launch a new pilot. "The Eyes of Texas" guest-starred Rebecca Reynolds and Lorrie Mahaffey as inexperienced private detectives Heather Fern and Carolyn Capodi working for a small Texas-based agency run by Morton Jarvis (Roger C. Carmel). In "The Girls on the Hollywood High," Reynolds is back as Heather, but the curvy Heather Thomas is now Carolyn, and their boss is a brassy woman (Morton Jarvis' widow!) played by Eve Arden (OUR MISS BROOKS).

Star Greg Evigan shows up barely long enough to hire Heather and Carolyn to fly to Los Angeles to find his missing sister Shauna (Deborah Ryan), who stumbled upon a scandalous death at the home of prominent entertainment attorney Hank Rogers (Craig Stevens). Heather and Carolyn's gumshoeing leads them to Rogers, as well as filmmaker Garrett Logan (Burr deBenning) and the shady Marty Franks (Lloyd Bochner), who also participated in the dead girl's coverup.

BJ AND THE BEAR fans were probably furious while sitting through this tepid BJ- and Bear-less mystery, even though Larson and Bilson try to make it up to them by providing a fine guest cast, which also includes Michael Pataki as Arden's assistant and John S. Ragin and Robert Ito as their QUINCY, M.E. characters.

Needless to say, there was no EYES OF TEXAS TV series, but Heather Thomas found stardom the following year in Larson's THE FALL GUY opposite Lee Majors.

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