Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Random TV Title: The Runaways

Instead of remaking TV series that people actually remember and like, it may be interesting to bring back series with interesting concepts that didn't work originally for whatever reason. And that brings us to THE RUNAWAYS, one of the last series executive-produced by the venerable Quinn Martin.

Originally titled OPERATION: RUNAWAY with star Robert Reed (THE BRADY BUNCH) for its four-episode run in the spring of 1978, THE RUNAWAYS was recast and retitled for its return to the NBC schedule twelve months later. Alan Feinstein was the new star, playing macho psychologist Steve Arizzio, who teamed up with some attractive young people to help teens who had run away from home. It's likely Martin and his writers threw quite a bit of action and adventure into the plots.

THE RUNAWAYS sounds like an intriguing concept, though Martin's typically bombastic opening titles play hilariously now. And who's that handsome blond kid in the cast? Come with me if you want to find out...

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