Thursday, October 15, 2015

Indian Raid Indian Made

The main titles are painted on a nude woman taking a shower. Most of the names are fake anyway, though anyone who followed major league baseball in the 1970s will recognize Morganna. A professional stripper with reportedly 60-inch breasts, Morganna became famous for running onto the field during sporting events and kissing athletes. Among her targets were Pete Rose, George Brett, and Steve Garvey. Sure, these stunts got her arrested, but they also got her on THE TONIGHT SHOW.

Before she made a name for herself as “The Kissing Bandit,” Morganna appeared in a handful of ‘60s softcore flicks, including INDIAN RAID INDIAN MADE, which billed her as “Morganna (The Wild One).” It’s nearly an hour before she shows up and another twenty minutes or so until she performs a wowza striptease number. It’s hard to believe anyone who paid to see this movie was awake to see it, however.

A dimwitted Harry Novak production for Boxoffice International, INDIAN RAID INDIAN MADE stars Chuck Davis as Harold, a secret agent assigned to break a moonshining ring at a “resort” that looks like a cheap motel. Not that he does any investigating. Not that he has any time, what with all the women throwing themselves at him in every scene. Davis and most of the cast also worked on director/writer Bob Favorite’s previous film RIVERBOAT MAMA, also for Novak. The soundtrack is wall-to-wall banjo, ukelele, and guitar music credited to Chuck Story, Joe Counts, and Art Schill, a Florida-based musician who played in a folk band called the Folksters.

Plot is less than incidental in these nudie flicks, which are generally a succession of not terribly attractive men and women coupling by rubbing and hugging each other. Nothing approaching the sexual act is depicted, and, of course, no penetration. The men leave their pants on half the time. Rarely does anything erotic occur in a Harry Novak film, but they were so cheaply produced, they couldn’t help but make a profit.

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Grant said...

I'm not embarrassed to say that I have a VHS tape of those sports moments you mentioned, introduced by her. I'd like to see this too.