Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Vacation

From the sounds of crickets I'm hearing from my Comments section, I can tell you're bored to tears with vacation stories. I spent a day at Universal Studios--the theme park and studio tour, as well as CityWalk, which is kinda like Vegas if it was an outdoor mall. The studio tour was a lot of fun, particularly the backlot where so many great films and TV shows were made. We also drove down to San Diego one afternoon to visit my brother and his mother-in-law. His wife had surgery there about a month ago and she's still recuperating. We didn't get to visit her because she still was recuperating in ICU, but it was fun to visit and to take my brother and her mom out to dinner. We went to Seau's, a restaurant owned by former Charger Junior Seau.

Holy cow, is this the greatest MOD SQUAD episode ever?

You gotta respect that guest cast. You could never assemble a group of actors like that for a TV episode nowadays.

I think I'll watch a little more election coverage. I just heard Ken Mehlman lying his ass off as usual on MSNBC (and toady Chris Matthews letting him, again, as usual). Something Mehlman and also John McCain said tonight is that they're looking forward to bipartisan cooperation and working together to make America a better place. Ha. I bet. Those guys have never been even the least bit interested in working with Democrats, and now that their asses are getting kicked, suddenly they're so cooperative. I agree that both parties working together in Washington is the best way, perhaps the only way, to get anything done, and if the Republicans hadn't spent the last decade or so fattening their pockets and making their own bigotry, paranoia and hatred into law, this country would be a much better place. If we can prudently withdraw troops from Iraq, raise the minimum wage, create better jobs, improve education and provide all Americans with reasonable health care--things the Republicans have resisted (since there ain't any graft in for them)--we would be off to a great start.


Anonymous said...

Martymartymarty, your stories never 'bore!' Sounds like you had a nice trip.

We stayed very near Century City when we were in L.A. last summer. I don't think we saw any celebs, tho someone felt the need to point out to Bill that "Biz Markee" was walking through our hotel lobby to a party out in the courtyard.

I love your political rants and -- HEY, I WORK in "shitty DeKalb!"

Anonymous said...

Marty, I always enjoy your blog. I think there's probably just not that much perspective a reader could add to hearing about someone else's vacation.

Thanks though, for reminding me what a gorgeous woman Peggy Lipton was!

And let's all enjoy the Blue Wave, regardless of whether Tweety acknowledges it's existence!