Friday, March 23, 2007

Urine Trouble. Heh.

Every morning on my drive to work and every evening on my drive home--and often during the day when I go to and return from lunch--I see a jug of urine on the side of the road. It's called a "trucker bomb." It's a plastic gallon jug of pee that some asshole tossed to the side of the road. It has been there for at least six months. Think about how many times I've had to look at that pee jug. And, once you've seen it, there's no not looking at it. It's a well-traveled road, and surely by now a policeman or a sanitation worker or a state highway worker (it's Illinois Route 10) has seen it. They know it's there. Why don't they pick it up? It was odd when there was snow on the ground. You would see just the top of the jug and a small yellow sliver peeking through the snow. It's next to a billboard, and recently when we went to lunch, we noticed a guy in a truck who was changing the billboard. When we came back to work, the guy and his truck were gone, but the jug had moved. It was now tipped over on its side, rather than standing up. Did the guy investigate? Did he pick it up? Kick it over? Bump it with his truck? I guess we'll never know.

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katie said...

thank goodness this wasn't about your urine trouble. not sure i can handle a blog about that.