Saturday, March 10, 2007

What Are You Looking For?

Judging from the keyword searches that lead people to this blog, I'd say mainly nude pictures of Candice Rialson and the short film WHAT IS COMMUNISM? It's probably a good thing Candy never starred in a movie with Herb Philbrick, or else the entire Internet would have exploded by now.

I don't actually have any nude women on this blog, but that don't stop guys from looking:
sexy photos pamela Hensley
Jeana Tomasino nude
elizabeth hasselbeck's hairstyles
Carla gugino
heather thomas dunk tank
mr skin jo ann harris
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humanoids from the deep, bikini top topless clip
helen hunt will gurad like a warhorse
bobbie jo and the outlaw free video clips
gong show popsicle girls whatever happened
looker terri welles
kelly hu
cheri caffaro
rebecca staab nude
candice rialson pictures
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Some other good ones:
is gene barry planning to be in any tv show or movies in 2007
Beats the hell out of me, but let's hope!

dolph lundgren iq
He went to MIT, ya know.

zombie by crane berries

demolition derby pictures malachi
A HAPPY DAYS fan, I presume?

historical inaccuracies in bad day at black rock
Geez, picky, picky...

happened doug barr the fall guy
It's true. He happened.

does clint eastwood speak Italian
I reckon so.

how old is actor robert pernell
Beats me. How old is Pernell Roberts?

what happened to clint eastwood's speech
The dog ate it.

helen hunt will gurad like a warhorse
I understand she is a gurading madwoman.

movies you can burn with don the dragon wilson
Don does seem like the kind of guy you could sit around and burn movies with.

chuck norris vs godzilla video
This I have to see.

And my favorite keyword search of all time...
bud selig is an asshole

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Anonymous said...

"ginger cheri caffaro balls"

I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for this one, but I'd rather not consider it, thank you.