Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Babe Ruth's Gay Brother

I revisited KNOCKED UP tonight, the first time I'd seen the official release. As you may recall, I saw a test screening of the Judd Apatow comedy back in October. I didn't like it as much the second time. At 132 minutes, it's ungodly long and seriously drags in the middle. I can count at least five sequences that could have been easily cut that would have gotten the running time under two hours, though that would still probably be too long. Plus, I still find the premise too much to swallow. Seriously, which of the following scenarios is the least likely?

A) Katherine Heigl would have sex with Seth Rogen.
B) Katherine Heigl would later pursue a romantic relationship with Seth Rogen
C) Seth Rogen would have sex with Katherine Heigl and never even once take her bra off.
D) Too close to call.


Hal said...

I'll go with "B". I could see drunkenness causing the other two.

Watched this with my girlfriend at the theatre awhile back; she usually picks a horror flick but was in the mood for a date movie.

I agree, overlong, overrated--I think everyone was in the mood for a really good comedy after all the summer action flicks and this was the best choice at the time. I haven't seen EVAN ALMIGHTY yet but I doubt it was fitting the bill.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the film, so you can take my answer con granis salis, but I'd have to go with "C", if only that it's the most obvious, incidental, and least-committed action for the characters to pursue. Obviously it's also par for the course in contemporary Hollywood where attractive young actresses who work out 4-hours-a-day/6-days-a-week refuse to show their bodies under even the most likely of circumstances (e.g. Jessica Alba's performance as a stripper in SIN CITY) under the pretense of "class" (differentiating themselves from actresses appearing in "lower" films) rather than the artless prudery it really is. That so many of them will willingly strip down for magazine photo shoots - promotion! - rather than for the films themselves certainly reinforces this notion.

Hmmm, and in an R-rated comedy, no less. Let me guess - the guy shows his ass?

Marty McKee said...

Now how did you know that Hairy Rogen Ass is a supporting character in this film?

Neil Sarver said...

I can't even figure out where this impression that it's more respectable to not get naked comes from. Only about a quarter of the last 20 Best Actress winners haven't done a solid nude scene, and at least half of those at least once in some lightweight movie. Whoever's convincing these women of this is lying.

I suspect a conspiracy of some sort.

Arbogast said...

I have kind of a bra fetish, so it's difficult for me to decide whether or not to yank the bra off my partner during sex. I often split the difference and pull it down, exposing one breast and leaving the other covered. I mean, that's just me.