Friday, September 07, 2007

Get Ready For The Countdown

TIME recently published its list of the 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME (sic) on its Web site and, presumably, in print. As these types of lists go, I think TIME did a pretty good job--certainly a more credible one than the American Film Institute does with its Top 100 lists (you've probably seen the specials on CBS). Some picks seem a little silly, but when you read the critic's rules, you understand why, for instance, MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS is listed, but FAWLTY TOWERS isn't. His list includes one-time specials, sporting events, TV-movies and miniseries, but few examples of them, which seems like a waste of space. And, as relevant as I think the list is overall, having FELICITY, KING OF THE HILL and "MTV 1982-1983" on it, instead of THE ROCKFORD FILES, COLUMBO and POLICE SQUAD!, just to name a few, is just stupid.

If nothing else, the list has inspired a healthy debate over at Mobius Home Video Forum and has inspired me to create my own Top 100 list. I'm still picking and choosing, and while much of it conforms to TIME's list, quite a bit of it does not, and I'm sure a few entries will have you scratching your head and screaming "idiot!", which should be the case. I'll probably start posting it this weekend. I haven't decided whether to just list all 100 or to do it in spurts, maybe ten at a time. Ultimately, it'll probably come down to how ambitious I feel. Of course, I would welcome any of your suggestions, arguments and comments.

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Hal said...

I read the criteria after my Mobius post and I agree with your assessment on what is and isn't there.

I still think that limiting it to one TV-movie is an error, and THE DAY AFTER is more huge hit/social relevance I think than some other choices. But really, I don't think such a list of 100 can be made while limiting the TV-movie to one slot, considering the importance of so many.

I guess using the criteria for such a list I'd have to choose one, POLICE SQUAD! or SLEDGE HAMMER! or RENO 911! Likewise personal favorites like F TROOP, LOVE THAT BOB and THE WHITE SHADOW might get left off.

And I'd probably leave ROCKFORD off, using that criteria, because I guess I couldn't put both MAVERICK and ROCKFORD on, and given a choice, I'd have to pick MAVERICK. Likewise the original OUTER LIMITS probably loses out because of TWILIGHT ZONE. (But yet I notice TIME found room for ZONE and ALFRED HITCHCOCK both.)

Great idea though. I might have to try to come up with own list. It'd certainly have 3 or 4 Telefilms, likely no more than 2 miniseries though (ROOTS would also be my choice--it looks more impressive to me with each viewing over the years).

I can guarantee LOST won't be on it. Shouldn't GILLIGAN'S ISLAND be the choice in that "genre"? :)