Monday, February 11, 2008

All Burt. All Month.

Let me draw your attention over to Welcome to L.A., where Larry Aydlette is devoting the month of February to Burt Reynolds. Yep, it's a Burt-A-Thon, which also includes Reynolds' singing career and TV work, such as the recent Man Law beer commercials. Larry changes blogs about as often as I change deodorants, and it's difficult tracking him down, but his writing is always worth the effort. You'll be surprised at what you'll learn about Burt Reynolds this month.

One other note: Drew Fitzpatrick wrote a nice piece about the late Roy Scheider on his blog today. He even met the man once, and it's a joy to learn than Roy was a good guy. Read Drew's Scheider obit here, and enjoy this poster art for THE SEVEN-UPS, which was Scheider's first feature as a leading man. Directed by the producer of THE FRENCH CONNECTION, THE SEVEN-UPS includes another amazing car chase that's often forgotten when great screen chases are mentioned.

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