Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not Too Bad...

I picked 13 of the 24 winners, which is pretty much my average. It was another very boring Oscar telecast. Did anything unusual or unexpected happen? Actually, yes, I loved when Jon Stewart brought the ONCE songwriter back out to give her speech. Bravo. You mean the telecast has room for the binoculars montage, but not for her warm, thrilling thank yous? That was a sweet moment.

Otherwise, no upsets that I can see. The Academy continues to shoot itself in the foot by trotting out presenters the audience doesn't give a damn about. Why do we have to see Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Colin Farrell, Keri Russell and Jonah Hill, instead of DeNiro, Pacino, Eastwood, Redford, Newman, Borgnine, Widmark, Kennedy, Hackman, Dunaway, Beatty, Streep, Field, hell, Julie Christie was there, how about teaming her and Omar Sharif to present? What ABC and the Academy don't get is that the people who are staying up to watch the Oscars do not give a rat(atouille)'s ass about Patrick Dempsey.

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