Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alaska: 1st In Taking Your Money

The state of Alaska has higher taxes, spends more money, and receives more pork than any other in the U.S. And some conservatives think its governor would be a good choice as Vice President. After eight years of outlandish debt-crushing spending by the Bush administration, isn't it time for a fiscally conservative government? You know, one led by a Democrat? Michael Kinsley has more on Sarah Palin's absurd spending habits.


Anonymous said...

I really doubt that she's going to have any influence whatsoever in a McCain administration. She's basically going to be a "pretty" face token right winger like like she is to the campaign now, speaking only according to script. It's only if McCain dies that she will become Sarah W. Palin.

Marty McKee said...

Only if he dies? He's a 72-year-old cancer patient who refuses to make his medical records public. He won't be here eight years from now and probably won't make four.

Anonymous said...

Well, yeah, but but I really do need some straws to grasp so that I can sleep at night.