Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jay Thomas Meets The Lone Ranger

You're probably more familiar with Jay Thomas as an actor on television and in films than as a radio personality, unless you live in California. He's had starring, co-starring and guest-starring roles on several sitcoms (CHEERS) over the years, as well as in major films, such as MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS and THE SANTA CLAUSE. I've never heard him on the radio (though he does a show on Sirius now), but I've enjoyed his storytelling skills on talk shows (he was a favorite of Tom Snyder during the 1990s). This 3 1/2-minute clip from a Letterman appearance is a terrific story with a great punchline. And I have no doubt that it's true. Enjoy.

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TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

Great story.

What I love most about this story, is that Letterman has him on every year to tell it. His Christmas show, Jay comes out every year, and tells it again.

Can't wait to hear it again this year!