Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Comic Book Splash Page #5

In all the decades Charlton published comic books out of its one-stop shop in Derby, Connecticut, the apocalyptic "Children of Doom" stands out as likely its more famous and powerful story. It was written and drawn very quickly for CHARLTON PREMIERE #2, after the story originally intended for the anthology book became unavailable for whatever reason. Rushing to meet a deadline, writer Denny O'Neil (using his Sergius O'Shaughnessy pseudonym) and artist Pat Boyette cranked out a Silver Age classic.

Few people noticed in 1967 when the book hit drugstores and newsstands; no one was reading Charlton comics. But in the decades since, "Children of Doom," with its mixture of color and b&w panels and reasonably provocative story, has earned much praise from comics fans, including Alan Moore. Judging from the splash page hype, it appears that editor Dick Giordano, at least, knew he had a story of long-lasting quality.

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