Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Glenn Is, Sadly, In The News

Back in February, on the old blog, I posted about the retirement of CBS News' Christopher Glenn. Tonight I learn that Glenn has passed away from liver cancer, much too soon, at age 68. Please do yourself a favor. Read CBS' obituary and learn about what a remarkable man and great broadcaster he was. In my blog posting on the old Web site, I talked about how much IN THE NEWS meant to me, a series mentioned in the CBS obit:

He was the reporter/narrator for the over 5,000 broadcasts of the Emmy Award-winning program In The News, aimed at kids and sandwiched between entertainment programs on Saturday mornings from 1971 through 1986.

"We're a little didactic, we try to teach in some way," Glenn once said of the series. "A surprise bonus," he said, was the adults who tuned in, many telling him that they really understood a news event for the first time after watching "In the News."

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