Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm On My Break

"Stay on it."

Name that movie. Hint: it's the greatest movie ever made. Really.

I'm taking several days off from blogging, most likely the rest of October. Have a great Halloween, and I'll be back sometime during the first week of November.


katie said...

you take lots of vacations. have fun on your trip. i want to find out what your halloween costume was going to be.

Ken Begg said...

That's funny, I don't remember the line "Stay on it" as being in The Bloody Pit of Horror. My suggestion would have been "My perfect body, in the poisonous clutches of The Lover Of Death!"

Ken Begg said...

By the way, I also must strenuously criticize the notion of taking a break from a website.

(Eyes shiftily look left to right.)