Monday, December 04, 2006

Meet Steve

So here's the bizarre dream I had last night. I dreamed I met old-time actor Steve Brodie, who died in 1992. I ended up having a conversation/informal interview with him, in which I asked him about starring in a '50s TV series called MEET MILLIE (in which the real Brodie never appeared) and French actor Pierre Brice, who starred in a series of German-produced Westerns based on the novels of Karl May.

I have no idea why I would dream about Steve Brodie, of all people. I haven't seen any Brodie movies in ages. Although I have the lingering feeling that I was calling him "John Brodie" in my dream, and since I watched three full NFL games yesterday...

Of course, it's just my luck that I would have dreams about Steve Brodie and not Angelina Jolie.

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Anonymous said...

Any bets on how many nakie Forster dreams McKee has had?