Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now You Know Where They Stole V.I.P. From

I was originally going to say, "They don't make 'em like this anymore," but if you've seen SHE SPIES or V.I.P., you know they do. I suspect this show was better than those though.You have to admit, as a writer, you've got to be more creative to put stewardesses into dramatic situations every week than you do spies or detectives.

FLYING HIGH lasted 13 weeks on CBS at the end of 1978, but the actresses continued their TV stardom awhile longer. Connie Sellecca, of course, after a quick stop on BEYOND WESTWORLD (which was on the air even shorter than FLYING HIGH), landed the female lead opposite William Katt and Robert Culp on the fan favorite THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, and when that was cancelled, jumped to the even more successful HOTEL. Pat Klous went on to the shortlived ALOHA PARADISE (a LOVE BOAT ripoff, right down to the soundalike theme performed by Steve Lawrence) and then to...THE LOVE BOAT as Lauren Tewes' replacement. Kathryn Witt was never again a series regular, but she appeared on television and in movies regularly throughout the 1980s.


Anonymous said...

Used to watch FLYING HIGH almost religously went it first aired on CBS...which showed you how bored I was as a kid. Had a big crush on the three female leads and managed to save a couple of the show's ads from TV guide.

MANY years later, I bumped into someone who had recorded the 2-hour pilot and managed to get a copy. Hell, I just got a signed photo of PAT KLOUS earlier this year!

The show was okay and, thankfuly, wasn't desperately campy as CBS' other Charle's Angles rip-off American Girls.

Thanks for the posting and the reminder.


Anonymous said...

i luv this show! luv the 3 actresses, esp pat klous and connie selleca... glad they went on to become successful in their follow-up shows... show itself should be receiving a revial or re-imagined efforts by now!!!