Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's Up With Pete Rose's Balls?

"I'm just happy having three stories of balls. That's a lot of balls," Pete Rose said yesterday.

Meanwhile, I saw a FRIDAY THE 13TH comic book today. I flipped it open to see what it was like, and was greeted by terrible drawings of a blond chick shouting, "Die, fucker!" and bashing Jason in the head with a toilet tank. Setting aside how creatively bankrupt you would have to be to use "Die, fucker" in your dialogue (because you know the writer spent weeks on just this one issue, and "Die, fucker" is the best he could come up with), I've seen all the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, including the one where Jason was flying through outer space, and I guarantee that a toilet tank is not going to bring him down.

P.S. I just discovered that FRIDAY THE 13TH needs not one, but two writers to create awesome scenes like a girl yelling "Die, fucker" and hitting Jason with a toilet. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, you suck, dudes.


Anonymous said...

you blogged at work!? I'm telling!!

Marty McKee said..., uh, time change must be messing things up.

Are you reading blogs at work? WTH?