Tuesday, December 30, 2008

His Hands Were Hooks

Jack Lord would have been 88 today.


Anonymous said...

At some point don't you think people knew that Jack Lord stars in the show?

Unknown said...

Second best show about Hawaii crime stopping ever!

Anonymous said...

kool mo p: If you've ever read anything about Jack Lord and his conduct on the Hawaii Five-O set, you'd realize that he always demanded recognition as The Star at all times and with no exceptions or divergences(It's been written that co-workers called him The Lord... behind his back, of course). The other regulars on the show were relegated to the land of "with"... not a 'co-star' in the group, which may explain why so many of them left over the years. I'd make an educated guess that The Lord's contract with CBS might have required his star status to be front and center at all times and in all places, such as ads in TV GUIDE. None of this diminishes the great job he did on camera on Five-O; judge the work, and excuse the man.