Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Random Comic Book Splash Page #6

STAR HUNTERS was a cool but shortlived science fiction DC comic created by writer David Michelinie and the wonderful artist Don Newton. The saga of 22nd-century heroes who were recruited by a tyrannical Earth government and sent against their will on an outer space mission actually began in 1977's DC SUPER-STARS #16 as a tryout. It must have gone well, because the Star Hunters got their own book.

I believe Michelinie stayed with the Hunters during the book's entire run, but Newton left after the first issue, reportedly because he was displeased with inker Bob Layton's finishes. Layton and penciler Rich Buckler created this splash to STAR HUNTERS #5, dated June/July 1978. The book was canceled after #7 with the story arc left unfinished.

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English Teacher X said...

Star Hunters was one of the more awesome Star Wars rip-offs of the day; and that living slime attacking them has always haunted me. . . though I recall they killed it easily enough by just shooting the "box" thing it came out of.