Monday, February 02, 2009

Random Comic Book Splash Page #11

AMAZING ADVENTURES followed in the footsteps of Marvel Comics' great TALES TO ASTONISH and STRANGE TALES by presenting two different series in each issue. When it debuted in 1970, The Inhumans and Black Widow shared both the covers and the interior. Neither lasted very long, but at least the Inhumans stories provided some exciting artwork. From AMAZING ADVENTURES #5, March 1971, here's Neal Adams and Tom Palmer with a terrific Black Bolt splash page. Words by Roy Thomas.


Booksteve said...

Not even enough stories for a collection but those Inhumans stories were great. Kirby, Adams...Sekowsky? OK, MOST of them were great! Incredible splash page!

jhalal drut said...

I could never read these stories!
no reprint!