Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Comic Book Splash Page #12

I barely know a damn thing about this issue of COWGIRL ROMANCES, though I love the idea of a regular comic book titled COWGIRL ROMANCES. Who was the target audience for this? Little boys into cowboys wouldn't be caught dead reading it, and I can't imagine little girls were into westerns very much, even if there probably was a lotta kissin' among the shootin'.

Looks like John Starr was the writer of this splash page for "The Bride Wore Buckskin" from COWGIRL ROMANCES #3, published by Fiction House around 1952. Don't know who the artist was, but Starr also wrote a series called "Cowboy Bob" in Fiction House's RANGERS COMICS around the same time.

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James Reasoner said...

And John Starr was a Fiction House house-name, so there's no telling who really wrote it, either.