Monday, June 22, 2009

The Cosmic Magnifying Glass

I'm more than a bit disappointed to note that I have finally finished Charter's entire series of TNT paperback novels. The fourth of the series, 1986's THE DEVIL'S CLAW, is just as screwy as the rest of the series. In my previous posts about Doug Masters' TNT books, I've tried to make the point that they are as far out as you can imagine, but I'm not sure it's possible to explain how absurd they really are. At least, I don't feel I can.

TNT's nemesis/benefactor, effete millionaire Arnold Benedict, kidnaps TNT's girlfriend to force the superpowered crimefighter to tackle a new mission. Someone has discovered an electronic method of affecting the weather, which results in skiers fried to death on a snowy mountain slope and a frolicking couple frozen in an icy Caribbean lagoon.

The culprit is a wealthy sheik with two unusual sets of henchmen: a group of hippies named after characters in Charles Schulz's PEANUTS strip and seven dwarfs led by a cat-eating killer named Puffy.

On his quest to invade the sheik's underground compound, TNT (Anthony Nicholas Twin, who gained super senses in a nuclear explosion, including superhuman powers of sexual gratification) is "forced" to have sex with seventy foxy virgin harem girls to (ahem) pump them for information.

It's that kind of book.

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Kool Mo P said...

Loved that book.