Saturday, June 20, 2009

Escape From Galaxy 3

You might be amazed by 1981's ESCAPE FROM GALAXY 3, a spaghetti sci-fi movie that was marketed as a STARCRASH sequel in some countries. Some visual effect shots are obviously swiped from STARCRASH, and the heroine played by American actress Sherry Buchanan is named Belle Star (cousin of Caroline Munro’s Stella Star?). The plot is virtually the same too. Sexy Belle and curly-haired sidekick Lithin (Fausto DiBella) try to save Earth from destruction by rampaging space dictator Oraclon (Don Powell, who also composed the laughable disco score). Powell is one of the most ludicrous overlords in sci-fi history with his eye makeup, sparkling beard, and fuchsia cape and longjohns with lightning bolts down the leggings.

Belle and Lithin land on a technologically primitive Earth and take up with villagers who teach them about sex (apparently, the immortal space virgins never wondered where children come from). Their new sexual powers enable the confident couple to board Oraclon’s fist-shaped battle cruiser and gain their revenge for his destruction of their king (Chris Avram). The gorgeous Buchanan, a nice surrogate for Caroline Munro, provides soft-R nudity in director Bitto Albertini’s inane but never dull space opera with an absurd deux es machina ending that’s also similar to STARCRASH’s. Belle and Lithin carry laser weapons, but we also find out they can shoot ray beams from their hands!

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