Tuesday, July 28, 2009

David Carradine Roundtable

If you're a fan of the late actor David Carradine, please hop on over to Chris Poggiali's Temple of Schlock blog for a roundtable discussion of Carradine's two features as a director: 1972's YOU AND ME and 1983's AMERICANA.

I had a terrific time rapping about these two terrific films with Chris and Video Watchdog assistant editor John Charles (whose essential McFarland reference book THE HONG KONG FILMOGRAPHY: 1977-1997 is now available as a trade paperback). Particularly because I had never seen either film, but had been curious about them.

YOU AND ME is very difficult to find, as it has never been on VHS or DVD in the U.S., while AMERICANA is available only in a severely compromised pan-and-scan version. Carradine, who died in June at age 72, is an actor I have watched and admired for some time, and it was a great privilege to discuss his work with two fellow fans and friends. Please enjoy our Temple of Schlock salute to the fine David Carradine.

Now, I have to finally pull ENDLESS HIGHWAY off the shelf and give it more than just a cursory skim.

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