Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Comic Book Splash Page: Creepy #14

"Curse of the Vampire" was the first story the legendary Neal Adams ever drew for Warren Publishing, as well as one of the first comic book stories he ever drew. Up to this point, if Adams was known at all, it was for his work in advertising and on the BEN CASEY newspaper strip.

The equally great Archie Goodwin wrote "Curse of the Vampire" (Warren really landed top talent in its early days) about a doctor who falls in love with a beautiful young woman who falls into a coma. The family butler wants to drive a stake through her comatose heart, so she won't fall prey to the family curse, which transforms all members into vampires after their deaths. Being a Warren story, there's a twist or two in the tail, but as good as Goodwin's writing is, it's Adams' art that really draws your attention. Remember, in 1967, when CREEPY #14 hit newsstands, no one was drawing such photorealistic figures and dramatic angles.

"Curse of the Vampire" had to have been a real eye-opener for comics readers.

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