Monday, August 24, 2009

Random TV Title: B.A.D. Cats

Holy crap, when is this amazing series coming to DVD?

Kickass car stunts, the monosyllabic gang leader from SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, Michelle Pfeiffer in a bikini, the awesome Vic Morrow in a perm, a post-GOOD TIMES J.J. Walker being all wacky, and a sassy barkeep played by SANFORD AND SON's LaWanda Page!

This 1979 ABC crime drama starred Asher Brauner, Steve Hanks, and the curvy Pfeiffer in an obvious ripoff of THE MOD SQUAD, right down to Morrow as the gruff but understanding boss. B.A.D. CATS only lasted a handful of episodes, but you're telling me some DVD producer can't sell a complete series set with this cast, these stunts, and Michelle in a two-piece?


Anonymous said...

I really love the animation and graphics of this opening. No snappy comment today - just the troof!

elgringo said...
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elgringo said...

OH YEAH! I love this!
B.A.D. Cats on DVD now!

(And Rad needs a DVD release too)

hobbyfan said...

I don't think it's really a rip-off, but rather 1) a homage to Mod Squad and 2) another variation on a well-worn formula. B.A.D. Cats, after all, was produced by the same guy who co-produced Mod Squad---Aaron Spelling.

Oh, and LaWanda Page, all glammed up---in comparison to her Sanford & Son role as Aunt Esther---priceless.